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Providing high-quality spices, herbs, seasonings and extracts

We set ourselves apart by sourcing and producing the finest spices, herbs, extracts and legumes for our customers. We have something for everyone, from chefs cooking tips and grocery stores, to cooks and families in the kitchen. Our wide range of high-quality products are the perfect addition to any recipe.

All in
the family

We take great pride in being a Canadian, family-run business. We are the product of generations of passionate tastemakers whose goals are to create delicious blends, extracts and herbs that are the star in every kitchen. We source our spices worldwide to bring in the best ingredients and create most blends in-house!

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Innovative Spice Blends

We continue to develop innovative spice blends and cooking tips for every type of cook. We have something for everyone, from the chef experimenting with bold flavour to the passionate cook creating dishes passed down through generations. 

What We Value Most

High-Quality Seasonings

We value quality, and that means selecting the best ingredients for all of our products. We take pride in knowing that our spices stand out in a crowd. You can rest assured that our herbs pack serious flavour!

Customer Care

We prioritize our customers and believe education, support and recipes are an essential part of our mission. Learn more about where our herbs come from, recipes and cooking tips on our blog.

The Right Price

When choosing seasonings, we understand that quality and value are essential. We make sure to price our products so that everyone can get cooking!


Recipes, chef tips and expert advice.
Sustainable Cooking with Spices

Sustainable Cooking with Spices

In today’s world, where environmental consciousness plays…

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