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4 Herbs to Rejuvenate Your Kitchen and Cooking

There’s a big wide world of herbs out there, so don’t limit yourself to the coriander, basils, and parsleys of the world. Instead, try the more unique products in our extensive range to get the most out of your meals.

If you’re bored of your current recipe choices and feel like it’s time to change things up, you’ll be amazed to discover how easy it is to refresh your old recipes by mixing up your herb choices. New herbs may also lead to new meal inspiration.

Here’s some fantastic ideas.

Marjoram Flakes

Native to the Mediterranean region and a staple in Italy, North Africa, Germany, and France, marojam flakes can be best described as having a citrusy, soft pine and sweet flavor. It has a similar taste to oregano as they are closely related.

When not served in food, Marjoram is often found in skincare products. However, its versatility makes it a brilliant herb for your pantry. You can use it in meats, vegetarian dishes, with fish or in a sauce or dressing.

It’s a great substitute for your standard green herbs. Just ensure you don’t add too much as you don’t want to overpower your dish.

Rosemary Leaves

Another versatile herb is rosemary. They bring out the richest flavors and aromas in chicken, poultry, lamb, steak, vegetables, or grains.

With records of rosmary using dating back to 500 BC, this ancient herb is an ideal seasoning as it’s not only rich in flavor, but divinely aromatic.

Our Belle Donne dried rosemary leaves come in a pouch or shaker and will last longer than fresh herbs while still offering the same brilliant taste sensation.

Tarragon Leaves

For a subtle liquorice flavor, try our Belle Donne Tarragon leaves. Popular in French cooking, they provide a fresh, spring taste, adding elegance to your dishes.

This delicious herb works well if delicately paired with fish, chicken, and eggs. In fact, it’s a key ingredient in Béarnaise sauce which also pairs well with these dishes.

As with many herbs, there’s a large difference between dried and fresh tarragon, but the difference is even more distinct in this case. While it’s volatile during the drying process, our expert Belle Donne team ensures that the nature of the freshness is maintained in all our dried spices. Furthermore, dried tarragon lasts longer as you only need to use one teaspoon to substitute every tablespoon used for the fresher alternative.

Star Anise

Hailing from the parley family, Star Anise is another delightful herb with a rich, spicey, liquorice flavor. It comes from the fruit of the Chinese Illicium Verum tree.

While it isn’t particularly tasty if plain and has quite a sweet flavor, it works incredibly well in savory dishes, including meats and curries.

Star Anise is native to the Meditteranean region and Egypt and is mostly cultivated in parts of Europe, China, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, and the US.

As an added bonus, it’s rich in nutrients and is believed to help with blood pressure, stomach ulcers, bacteria, and symptoms of depression.

In Conclusion

While it’s always fantastic to have staples in your herb pantry, you can spice up your life by opting for something a little different. Why not browse through our versatile range of Belle Donne herbs and spices to gain some inspiration?

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