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About Us

Belle Donne is Family-run business emphasizing quality and flavour

Our Family’s DNA

The food and grocery business has been in our family’s DNA for the past 60 years. When an opportunity presented itself in 2012 to work together once again we embraced it, purchasing Belle Donne Spices. With a new business in hand, we got to work importing, sourcing and manufacturing high-quality ingredients and products. Over the years we have gained valuable expertise and wisdom in the industry.


We know it’s essential to stick with what you’re good at, and for us, it’s sourcing and producing the bold flavours that make up our herbs, blends, extracts, and legumes. We bring our spices in from around the world, but we manufacture 80% of our blends here in Canada, supporting local every step of the way. We love working with traditional flavours, with some of our recipes dating back over 30 years, but we also take the time to experiment and create new blends and products for our customers.

Food Service

The shops we work with are a lot like us: local, family-run, and passionate about good food. We value customer service highly and want to ensure each shop we work with feels supported! Often, you’ll see us popping into the local butcher’s shop, independent grocer or the general store where they stock our spices to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that they love our products as much as we do.

We’re located in Vaughan, Ontario and work with businesses across the province. We work hard to ensure the ingredients we carry are fully stocked and that we have the newest products ready for when you need them!

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