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Essential Spice Blends to Make Your Barbeques Sizzle

There’s nothing better than the smell of a barbeque on a warm summer’s evening; even just lighting the charcoal can be enough to get you in the mood for some alfresco dining. But, with a long summer ahead, it can be difficult to innovate, and you end up serving the same grilled meat and sides every time.

So, why not shake things up a little with Belle Donne’s spice blend shakers?

Fancy an all-rounder that you can use on just about any grilled meat?

How about a steak done just the way your favorite steakhouse does it?

Maybe you’re in the mood for buffalo wings just the way you like them?

Or even chicken flame-grilled to perfection?

No problem! Whatever tickles your fancy, we’ve got the perfect spice blends to exceed even your wildest barbeque dreams.

For meat on the grill, here are 5 options to get you started:

  • Buffalo Wing Seasoning, try it, and you’ll never look back; buffalo wings have never been so more-ish.
  • BBQ Plus, this is a great all-rounder, and if you only have one spice in your barbeque arsenal, you want it to be this one…
  • Barberian’s Steak House Spice, for all steak cuts, and it’s also great on pork.
  • Chicken & Rib Plus, as the name suggests, this spice is perfect for chicken and ribs on the barbeque, but it can be used for any grilled meat
  • Montreal Steak Spice, in case you need another steak spice alternative.

And let’s not forget those all-important side dishes. Here are three guaranteed crowd-pleasers:

Roast Vegetables

Getting in some greens alongside your grilled meat is always important, and while you don’t expect your sides to steal the show, they should still complement the main attraction. Our Seasoned Salt blend is a popular option because it delivers on taste but only needs a few minutes of prep time. Simply add your root vegetables to an ovenproof dish, coat with olive oil, season with our salt, and pop in the oven to cook for 45 minutes.


Roasted, fried or made into a salad, the humble potato is a regular at most barbeques. The easiest (and tastiest) option is to peel and slice your potatoes, coat with olive oil, season with Potato Plus, and then pop them in the oven. Our show-stopping potato spice does all the heavy lifting, while you can sit back and enjoy the compliments.

Corn on the Cob

Corn can be cooked in advance on the stove and warmed through on the barbeque. When it comes to serving time, melt butter over the corn and shake our delicious Garlic Salt over.

Ready to make hay (or fire) while the sun shines? These spice ideas will help you up your barbeque grill game and ensure that your side dishes are the perfect accompaniment whatever you have on the menu this summer.

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