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How to Make the Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

It’s already that time of the year; chestnuts are roasting on the fire, your kitchen is filled with the rich, heady scents of winter, and there’s a nostalgic aroma of holiday spices that permeate the air.

Nothing says the festive season like the delight of the family joining together for a delicious home-cooked meal, and let’s not forget the role of the humble root vegetable in marrying your dishes together. While the potato is often a fan-favorite, we’re partial to the gorgeous orange hue of the sweet potato and the rich flavors that it brings to a meal.

Whether you’re a master chef or a kitchen disaster, by using a selection of the finest Bella Donna spices mixed with our simple secret cooking method, you’re bound to amaze guests and family alike.

Our Fool-Proof Method For Making Succulent Sweet Potato Mash

The key to making rich and creamy mash lies in the way it’s prepared. Just follow these three easy steps: matter the time of year.


  1. Boil your sweet potatoesBaking sweet potatoes dry them out, which will make your mash difficult to swallow. Instead, gently peel your potatoes and boil them slowly.But, the secret is to not just use water!Instead, combine a dairy (we recommend whole milk), butter, sugar, Belle Donne Himalayan pink salt, a dash of black ground pepper, and dried garlic flakes, and slowly boil your potatoes at low heat. The result will be soft, creamy, and delicious, and this is just stage one.
  2. Blend, Mash, or Rice Your Sweet PotatoIf you only have a traditional masher, that will do. However, opting to blend your potatoes will give them an even richer, creamier, and fluffier texture. Whichever option you use, add spice and butter at this stage.
  3. Spice Up Your LifeNow it’s time to get creative. Mix your creamy potatoes with extra butter, and don’t be shy to spice things up. Combine sweet, spicey, and smokey flavors to add various notes to your dish. We recommend Belle Donne’s cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to create a blend that will delight all pallets. However, the world is your oyster when it comes to step 3.

It’s Time to Serve

Serve piping hot with a dollop of butter, a dash of ground pepper, and a final sprinkle of cinnamon, the perfect side to any dish, no matter the time of year.

What you will need

Cloves Ground – Cannister
Cinnamon Ground – Cannister
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine – Cannister
Nutmeg Ground – Cannister

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