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Is it time for an overhaul of your spice cabinet?

As the busyness and stress of daily life picks up, we often neglect our pantry, and it ends up a mess and half the time you don’t even know what’s in there. You know that 10-year-old unopened, non-perishable item sitting at the back of your pantry? We all have one (or more!).

So, if it’s time for a fresh start and a kitchen spring clean, don’t forget to tackle your herb and spice collection. Perhaps you need to expand your choices or just spruce up your current collection? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Do Spices Spoil?

Technically, no. Spices shouldn’t spoil. However, they do lose their potency. As herbs and spices age, the natural oils dissolve, dulling the rich flavor they once had.

Here are some easy checks to determine if your herbs and spices should be replaced:

  1. The expiry date – Throw out any spices that have expired.
  2. The taste test – If your spices no longer pack a punch, or you need to be very liberal with quantities to see results, then it’s likely time for an upgrade.
  3. The scent test – The same goes for the aroma of your herbs and spices. If they’re not offering a breath of richly scented air, you should replace them with new, fresh products.
  4. The color test – Finally, if your spices are not as vibrant as they once were, they likely won’t pack as much of a punch.

Luckily herbs and spices can’t actually go off or make you sick, but watch out for mould from moisture getting trapped in badly sealed containers.

Ensure Your Containers are Sealed

This brings us to the next important point; sealed containers are a must to keep your spices fresh and longer-lasting. A brilliant way to achieve this is by opting for our Belle Donne spice pouches and decanting these into tightly sealed containers. You can even get creative and find a stylish solution to match your kitchen.

However, with Belle Donna, this isn’t a must. Our canisters are designed to be air-tight, keeping your spices fresher for longer, as long as they are correctly sealed and stored after use.

Smart Storage Solutions

If you’re looking to prolong the shelf-life of your spices, then keeping them in the dark, dry, and cool cupboard is your best solution. And while it may be convenient to have your spices easily on hand and next to the stove, the moisture, heat and direct sunline all contribute to drying up the oils, speeding up your products’ ageing process.

There’s a World of Spices to Choose From

Why stick to the tried and tested when you can expand your collection and get creative in the kitchen? Belle Donne has an exciting range of freshly harvested and aroma filled spice choices to help you make rich and tasty dishes.

Some essentials are Belle Donna Himalayan pink salt (it’s tasty and has important health benefits), Belle Donne ground pepper, our mixed herbs, and Belle Donne garlic flakes.

We suggest you opt for the 5 spices for beginner cooks and build your collection from there. You can also gain further inspiration from the most popular spices from 2021.

Buying Spices that Last

While herbs spices may not seem to be a huge investment, you can get the most from your money if you buy the right products. Purchase fresh, pure products from tried and tested providers such as Belle Donne for the perfect additions to any recipe.

Furthermore, grinders and whole spices last longer, making them a better solution for household use.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a regular cook or you only dabble once in a while, neglecting your herb and spice rack will hinder the flavor of your meals. While keeping your kitchen in check may seem overwhelming, you’ll feel fantastic once it’s been tackled.

After all, a change is as good as a holiday.

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