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Most Popular Spices and Seasoning for 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s important to look back at the beautiful moments were shared with family and friends despite this year’s challenges. Some of the most popular gathering places have been, and always will be, the kitchen and the dining table! There’s evidence that people have enjoyed gathering around food for millenia, and it’s the family recipes, and secret seasonings and spices that are passed down, and remembered, throughout generations.

There are five delicious spices and seasonings that took the cake in 2021 as the most popular choices across Canada. So, what are the Belle Donne Spices favourites to remember? Here they are!

Pink Salt

Salts may be a staple that brings out natural food flavors, but not all salts are equal. For a good reason, Himalayan pink salt has been all the range this year.

imalayan pink salts contain more minerals than other salts, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Belle Donne provides only the highest quality spices, using natural ingredients from source to packaging. Our Himalayan pink salt is pure and delicious.

Onion Flakes

Let’s be honest, there’s a salad, and then there’s a scrumptious salad. Onion flakes are one of those nifty pantry secrets that will elevate a quick meal, making them a firm favourite.

Sprinkle your onion flakes onto your salad, veggies, sandwich or pizza, for extra crunch and a tasty topper.


A classic favorite, and once again on top, cinnamon is a much-loved flavor for sweet and savory. Whether you’re cooking sweet potato or want to make a delicious latte, cinnamon’s tang gives your food a sweet and spicy edge.


Turmeric lattes are growing in popularity because of the spice’s incredible healing properties, making it a must-have spice of 2021. Turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, helping, amongst other things, to improve heart health.

Rosemary Leaves

Last but not least, fragrant rosemary. This gorgeous spice is a versatile must, bringing a rich, organic flavor to your good. Great for baking bread and cooking chicken, dried rosemary leaves give you easily accessible flavor in a shaker.

And rosemary is healthy too, it is known to improve your immune system, increase blood circulation, and is a natural cognitive stimulant.

To Conclude

If you’re looking to step into the new year with good food and family, adding spices will bring out the beautiful flavors of your food and even give you the vitamins and minerals you need. These 2021 favorites will sure help you bring in the new year in delicious style.

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