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Spice Blends

Are you looking for a quick and easy chicken dry rub or barbeque seasoning? Wanting to take your curries and sauces to the next level? Our blends are perfect for you.

We expertly craft each seasoning with traditional recipes 40 years in the making, and through our expertise we can continuously innovate, making them a favourite for our customers. You’ll find a wide array of creations that’ll inspire new recipes and accentuate your favourites. We carry the hits like Montreal Steak Spice and tandoori chicken spice mixes. Still, we bring new combinations to the table, like our Garlic Extra, Lemon & Herb, and Potato Plus blends, perfect for barbeques, marinades, and everything in between!

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Barberian’s Steak House Spice – Shaker
  • Barberian’s Steak House Spice – Shaker
  • BBQ Plus – Shaker
  • Blended Peppercorns – Cannister
  • Blended Peppercorns – Grinder
  • Buffalo Wing Seasoning – Shaker
  • Cajun Seasoning – Pouch
  • Cajun Spice – Cannister
  • Cajun Spice – Shaker
  • Celery Salt – Pouch
  • Celery Salt – Cannister
  • Celery Salt – Shaker
  • Chicken & Rib Plus – Shaker
  • Chicken & Rib Seasoning – Cannister
  • Chili Powder – Pouch
  • Chili Powder – Cannister
  • Chili Powder – Shaker
  • Chili Powder Mexican – Cannister
  • Chinese Five Spice – Cannister
  • Chinese Five Spice – Pouch
  • Cinnamon Sugar – Cannister
  • Cinnamon Sugar – Pouch
  • Curry Powder – Cannister
  • Curry Powder – Pouch
  • Curry Powder – Shaker

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