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Herbs and spices

We have a wide range of spices that we bring in from many different parts of the world! Sourcing high-quality spices means getting them from the places where they grow best, like picking the best cayenne peppers in India, shipping turmeric from Indonesia, and sourcing some of the difficult-to-find flavours from Eastern Europe like za’atar and saffron.

Infuse your favourite dishes with classic smoky flavours from paprika to make an easy BBQ rub, or experiment with bold new ones like black sesame seeds and juniper berries. Herbs aren’t just for savoury fare either! Fresh, flavourful baking spices like ground ginger, cardamom, anise and cloves are the perfect accompaniments in cakes and cookies. We source stellar ingredients so that the food you make is flavourful and stands out in a crowd.

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All Spice Ground – Cannister
  • All Spice Ground – Cannister
  • All Spice Ground – Pouch
  • All Spice Whole – Cannister
  • All Spice Whole – Pouch
  • Ancho Chili Powder – Cannister
  • Anise Seed – Pouch
  • Anise Seed Whole – Cannister
  • Anise Star – Cannister
  • Anise Star – Pouch
  • Bacon Bits – Pouch
  • Bacon Bits – Shaker
  • Bacon Bits Simulated – Cannister
  • Basil Flakes – Cannister
  • Basil Flakes – Pouch
  • Basil Flakes – Shaker
  • Bay Leaves – Cannister
  • Bay Leaves – Pouch
  • Black Sesame Seed – Pouch
  • Caraway Seed – Cannister
  • Caraway Seeds – Pouch
  • Cardamom Ground – Pouch
  • Cardamom Whole – Cannister
  • Cardamom Whole – Pouch
  • Cayenne Pepper (Hot) – Cannister

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