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Belle Donne primarily works with businesses in the retail and foodservice industries and fulfills wholesale herbs, spices, and extracts orders. We have high standards for everything we sell, bringing in great spices and making blends that stand out. We stand by our ability to bring a steady supply of consistently high-quality products that are a great value for those who order.



We regularly work with independent grocers, supermarkets, and butchers, and we know that they want the best when it comes to quality. We pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of the spice market and ensuring we source flavourful seasonings for every one of our products. We continue to innovate our offerings for our retail customers, like our organic herbs and growing line of blends.

One of our core values is customer service, and we’re happy to work with businesses to show how Belle Donne’s line of products can work with your brand. From our wholesale herbs and spices to extracts and legumes, your customers will love our products and keep coming back for more!

Food Service

We know that within the foodservice industry, flavour is critical! That’s why we’re proud to work alongside professionals who want high-quality spices in every dish that they make. Our regularly developing line of blends and herbs means there’s something for every chef.

We understand that this industry in particular moves quickly, and we work hard to make sure we’re there for you. We source our herbs and seasonings worldwide but produce 80% of our blends in-house. Our team works hard to keep our high-quality products ready when you need them.


Belle Donne Spices sells wholesale herbs, spices, and extracts to businesses! We offer pricing by the case in our extensive catalogue that you can request on our website. We love working with our customers to create and fill the wholesale orders that fit their needs. Our broad selection of blends, extracts, whole bulk spices and legumes makes us stand out in the industry.

We love working with our customers to determine how we can best meet your needs. You can download our catalogue or reach out to us directly to learn more about how we can help.

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